BRAILLE: (703.3)

Tactile characters must be accompanied by Grade 2 Braille.
Braille shall have a domed or rounded shape.

Grade 2 Braille

Braille shall be located below corresponding text.

Exit Text and Braille

If text is multi-lined, Braille shall be placed below the entire text. The sample room sign below shows that the Braille indicating room number "207", as well as the Braille indicating "Student Accounts Information", sits on one line below all of the tactile text on the sign.

Multi Line

Braille shall be separated by 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) minimum from tactile characters, raised borders, or decorative elements.

Space Around Braille

USA Sign standards require Grade 2 Braille.

Grade 2 Braille is a short-hand form of Braille with over 200 contracted words and word fragments.

Braille used in signs is required to be lowercase with the exception of acronyms, proper names, and individual/etters of the alphabet.

Dot Height: 0.025-0.037 inch (0.6-0.9 mm)
Dot base diameter: 0.059-0.063 inch (1.5-1.6 mm)

Braille Dot Dimensions

Distance between any two dots in same cell, center to center: 0.090-0.100 inch (2.3-2.5 mm)

Braille Dot Distance

Distance between corresponding dots in adjacent cells,
center to center: 0.241-0.300 inch (6.1-7 .6 mm).

Distance between corresponding dots from one cell to
the cell directly below, center to center: 0.395-0.400 inch (1 0.0-10.2 mm).

Braille Dot Distance

Braille is required to be lowercase. The indication of uppercase letter(s) shall only be used for proper nouns and names, individual letters of the alphabet, initials, acronyms, or before the first word of sentences.